Painting the Divine Diva 2 Day Retreat

A 2 Day Celebration Retreat for Women – April 1 & 2 in Keswick VA
Paint the Blessing That Is Your Body

Paint The Divine Diva.pngJoin me in celebrating Spring and the expression of love for your own body in a 13 step painting process. You  need no experience in painting or art – simply the desire to be creative, share in a celebration with other women and explore with deep inquiry in how your body is a blessing.

We will journey in imagination, move in joyful dance, use magic paintbrushes and cosmic canvases, write words in journals – all in a beautiful retreat center quietly tucked away in the beauty of Keswick VA. There will be time for painting, journaling, connecting, private thought & creative inquiry, as well as joyful movement, walks, and fresh air.

Come join us and create an altar to the temple of your present self in healthy, happy ageless beauty, trust for the body you live in and release any old beliefs about perfection & body image. Let’s connect on a magical journey of transformation & healing using Intentional Creativity, with gentle encouragement toward abundance, deep inner knowing, & self expression.

The retreat investment is $197 for Saturday & Sunday from 10am-4pm. All the supplies you will need are included: canvas, brushes, paint, music, delicious snacks and a community of like-minded women in community. Accommodations are available for anyone wanting to stay overnight with sauna, hot tub, Japanese bath, and beautiful water views and gardens. Visit Bridge Between the Worlds for more information and pricing. Bodywork may be available before and after the workshop times by appointment. Download the DivineDiva-Registration-Form for more details.

The cost is $197 for two days of creative celebration including all supplies and snacks/tea/chocolate & more. For more information and to inquire about reserving your space, contact me here: (I promise your privacy!)

I guide heartfelt, spirited women like you who want to connect with your innate creativity by helping to open a portal between heart, mind & soul with paint, words & journey to your internal “wildish nature.”

We use Intentional Creativity as a method, following a number of steps to reveal hidden messages from your feminine soul voice, a connection to your inner wisdom & knowledge.

I love how this work creates deep change, allowing you to walk with a renewed sense of yourself, excited about the next stage of your life.




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