Charlottesville Intention Tree Mural Project

Charlottesville Intention Tree Mural Project by Hobby Parent, Mural Artist

Charlottesville Intention Tree Mural Project by Hobby Parent, Mural Artist

The Charlottesville Intention Tree Mural Project was on the Downtown Mall from April 9-14, 2019, during the Tom Tom Festival. It is now on display at ALC Copies, 156 Carlton Rd in Charlottesville, under Beer Run.

The Charlottesville Intention Tree is a solitary dogwood tree painted amid a wide-open landscape ready to witness a declaration. The background of the tree (prepared prior to the event) was hand painted in silver gray on a blue canvas with dogwood blossoms representing the journey of life, with branches extending from a center trunk and roots, with spirals likened to Gustov Klimt’s “Tree of Life.”

Charlottesville Intention Tree Mural Blossom

Charlottesville Intention Tree Mural Blossom

This was a collaborative community project which allowed participants to paint, write, and mark their intentions with what they are here to cause and create in the world. Creators were be able to contribute their words on dogwood blossoms or leaves, pre-cut from heavy paper, added to the branches. They were encouraged to write intentions, prayers, blessings, gratitudes, or words adhered to the mural.

The theme was focused on how to live connected to each other in ways that are beneficial to our own well-being while being effective and useful to the world.

The Intention Tree Project continues to be an invitation to engage in collaborative Intentional Creativity in answer to the question “What are you here to cause and create?” It provides a place to express an individual’s unique contribution, declare their intention, and be witnessed by adding their words to a blossom or leaf on the tree as a memorable art contribution to the community.

Mural Project by Creative Soul Juice, Hobby Parent Artist

The efforts of a collaborative group changes the energy of the tree and those witnessing its growth, expressing the power of community intention. It remains as an example of how people can contribute individually and collectively, and have that energy move out into the world in ways that make change and growth possible.

The Intention Tree Mural was a local Charlottesville project that is one of many international projects organized by Journeywomen, Artists of the Intentional Creativity® Guild, originating from a TedX Berkley talk in 2017.


Trees are being painted on canvas in private classes, on community murals, and in collaborative projects in cities across the globe, connecting people in their own communities with the opportunity to write their own unique intentions, prayers, blessings, gratitudes and words for what each person wants to cause and create in their place of the world.

Grove of Intention Trees New Zealand

Grove of Intention Trees – New Zealand

Recently, prior to tragic events in the city of Christchurch, NZ, a Grove of Trees was being painted by two Intentional Creativity artists and colleagues. Now, thumbprints around the trees are being added to the Grove of Intention to offer healing and support to the community there.

Thank you for your donations to the Charlottesville Intention Tree Mural Project!

ALC Copies of Charlottesville – Sponsor
The Pie Chest – Sponsor
Rosie Mac & Kerry Lee – Grove of Intention
Karen Richards
Judy Ladewig
Michaelanne Gephart
Sue Boardman – Fiercely Compassionate Grandmothers
Brad Hubbard
Marge & Robert Hubbard
Sharon Taylor
Annette Daly – Fun Chili Cook
Susan Haines
Pamela Whorley
CK Norford
Carol Greene
Lynn Stayton-Eurell – Stayton-Eurell Graphics
Thomas Shea
William Poarch
Lisa Dudley – DoRight Records
Doreen Bonnet – SoulCollage®
Beth Wood
Donna Wheaton
Caroline Snead
Jody F. Cassell
Elizabeth Grey

Ms. Hobby Parent, Artist – Creative Soul Juice
Intentional Creativity® Practitioner
Adjunct Faculty, Intentional Creativity Foundation

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