Just A Card ~ Support Independent Artists, Designers, Shops & Small Businesses


JUST A CARD – INDIE WEEK is about encouraging people to support, value and buy from small businesses, independent shops, artists, designers and makers at Christmas. Whilst the world goes mad for the consumer fest that is Black Friday, JUST A CARD invites everyone to unite to add bags of creative colour to the week to encourage people to SUPPORT INDEPENDENTS THIS CHRISTMAS!

EVERYONE is warmly invited to be part of this, whether you’re an independent yourself or simply value and love them and wherever you are in the world. Last year the week was awe-inspiring! Record numbers of people, from the UK and abroad, got together to share the campaign and celebrate small business, indie sellers and designer-makers. There were so many highlights including JUST A CARD being featured on major news outlets such as The Guardian and BBC News! Our campaign enables EVERYONE to be part of a creative community, to promote their own work with confidence and pride, to share ideas, events etc with others and make lasting friendships and partnerships.

I’m so excited to be a part of this Indie Week. The cards I am offering for this season start with a collection of my paintings.

I’m sharing card images of some of my paintings and mixed media for this year’s Just A Card Indie Week.


Cards are available for $50 for an assortment of 10 cards which includes shipping. If you are local to Charlottesville VA, pickup is available for $45. Contact me below for purchase and location.