Hobby-2015Hobby Parent, Artist & Coach
Intentional Creativity® Method

I guide heartfelt, spirited women like you, who want to connect with your innate creativity by helping to open a portal between heart, mind & soul with paint, words, and journey to your internal “wildish nature.”  We use Intentional Creativity(tm) as a method, following a number of steps to reveal hidden messages from your feminine soul voice, a connection to your inner wisdom and knowledge. I love how this work creates deep change, allowing you to walk with a renewed sense of yourself and excited about the next stage of your life. And what’s exciting is that you don’t need to know how to draw a straight line or use a paintbrush before we begin.

Every person that enters our classroom is honored for her very own special gifts. You will not only learn painting techniques I’ll share with you, but also the best practices for accessing your truth and harvesting deep connections to your internal compass. You’ll be painting with magic paintbrushes on canvas portals, journaling thoughts and messages that arrive at the door of your imagination through the process. At the beginning of every workshop and class, we start with a red thread ceremony connecting our classroom & art community.

My ideal clients are women who want to connect to their inner wildish nature of self expression and creativity.  We follow the Intentional Creativity Method® developed by the Maestra Shiloh Sophia McCloud, as well as an intuitive, expressive arts approach using paint, words, and movement. We may create paintings, visual goal journals, use art prompts along with affirmation cards and other inspirational art projects, creating environments which support the values and passions my students, like you, can use to develop a new direction on your life path.

As a coach, I guide you in ways to create and expand your business with a left & right brain approach, provide accountability to help you reach a better level of health, help to pursue your life’s work and create the positive environments to make that happen.

My direction and life path is to inspire and uplift women and all people to connect with their unique creative life spark.

Why should you work with me? Having been an artist as long as I can remember, I studied Studio Art as a major at Mary Washing College, now the University of Mary Washington, in VA. I’ve worked as a graphic and web designer for the last 15 years. As a 2016 graduate of Color of Woman Training, a coaching & artist teaching program and Intentional Creativity Guild member, I am returning to my first love of painting as well as teaching and coaching through creative play.


Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Coach & Teacher

As an Intentional Creativity Teacher & Coach specializing in painting, art journaling & mindfulness techniques, I act as a guide to help you find your passion in work, lifestyle, and personal self-expression. I can also help you access a path to a healthier lifestyle as a health management coach, using creative inspirational practices and body neutral accountability through painting and journaling.

When I take time off for fun, you can find me relaxing on my back deck with the Blue Ridge Mountain views, dancing and listening to local bands in the central Virginia area whenever there is an opportunity, making art at Grandma Camp with my granddaughter. When I have a chance, I love barefoot sailing with my best girl friends or paddling whitewater in rivers on the East Coast. I love to cook for friends & family often and visit my kids on the West Coast in California and here in Virginia.

If any of this interests you, let’s connect and share. Sign up for my class announcements & newsletter here. You can also find me at these places:


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