Art Offering: Sanctuary in Place


Art Sanctuary in Place Offering

Art Offering: If you’d like to spend some time in a creative practice to relax, release anxiety, and “Self Sanctuary in Place,” join me for zoom art gatherings this coming September. There is no cost to gather with us to have a relaxing, stress-free time.  Supply list is below, come as you are and use what you have on hand.

Click here for Zoom link Friday mornings and on my Facebook page.


Contact me or comment at HobbyParentArtist and I will send you a zoom invite. No experience is necessary. I will endeavor to record if you are unable to attend. #freebie

Simple supplies: whatever you have on hand, or you can order the supply list ahead of time from your local store:

A canvas OR watercolor paper OR whatever paper you have on hand (you can use a paper bag (open it up and flatten it out)  – I’m using a 12″ x 12″ canvas but you can use any size available. If you have a painted canvas you are willing to paint over, that will work too!

Acrylic paint (3 colors + black and white) OR colored markers, highlighters, crayons, watercolors

Paintbrush(s) – whatever size you have (if you are using paint or watercolors)

Sharpie OR permanent marker OR you can also use a pen, pencil, crayon

Palette OR paper plate, foam tray, dish for paint

Water jar or glass

Spray bottle of water – if you have one

Paper towels OR rags to wipe up paint drips

Covering for your table – newspaper, mat, grocery bag to protect the surface from paint or drips

Access to Zoom – – with a web cam on your mobile device, laptop, or computer   *Zoom link posted Friday morning.

You can sign in a few minutes early and check to see if you have video, ask questions, get support.  Questions? email me

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