Artist Statement

Shaping my life through Art is living and breathing. When I fill the brush with paint… when I mold the clay, bend the wire, write the words, I am living. Each creative breath brings energy, more ideas, more passion.

I have always been an artist. I have expressed myself through Art in my work over the years, with my first job as a teenager at a florist, then as a draftsman, and on to college as a Studio Art major…  as a mother, a web & graphic designer… All along yearning to paint for the joy of holding the brush, the movement and the stroke of color, to illustrate a quote, to evoke an emotion from a blank canvas. I have been compelled to make money with my creative abilities, perhaps as a way to justify this love of expression. In Expressive Arts I learned to create simply for the joy of the act. Being an artist is my life, who I am, and not a job.

I create because I am. Now, through learning the Intentional Creativity® Method, I have access to the inner guide, my Muse, making an alchemical connection to Spirit allowing transformation to be expressed on the canvas.

The process of making Art is so critical to my living fully. I am startled how small I kept myself for many years. Through journey and listening to my Wild Soul and expressing what I hear, see, and feel, I’ve released so much that has held me too close, which kept me safe yet so confined. I can no longer be small, I can only live expressing what comes from within.

I’ve learned that it is not as important that what I create is good, or pleasing, or evocative. The expression itself is the accomplishment… whether it is “ugly” art or a masterpiece. I must allow the creative to flow, to let go of the result and open the valve through which the message must travel. It is only through us that our unique creative passion can be revealed, as every Wild Soul must allow their unique expression to be released.

The mediums with which I create run the gamut from mixed media to watercolor & acrylic to illustration. Using Intentional Creativity as a tool for coaching as well as teaching others is one of the greatest gifts I can offer to those who are seeking self-expression and guidance from within. To coach, teach, and create is an honor and a privilege with which I can offer my gifts to the world.

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