Muse Day – Sat, June 10th – 10am-2pm at the Luminous Center, Charlottesville VA

• Upcoming Muse Day – Jun 10    Future Dates: Aug 5 | Sep 30 | Oct 14 | Nov 4 | Dec 9

screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-10-20-07-amBe part of a global tribe of women creatives who are bringing revolutionary art classes to the world. MUSE DAYS are led by women like me who are certified graduates of the COLOR of WOMAN Training who have become Intentional Creativity Guild Members. I will be hosting and streaming these events in Charlottesville at the Luminous Center, from the studio of Shiloh Sophia at Musea Sophia in Sonoma, CA. Circles of magic!


Our theme is MUSE and lighting your Creative Fire – because the MUSE lights the FUSE.  There will be Muse Sparks… Like What? Well let me tell you….Muse painting gets energy moving. Stories  begin to unfurl. Playfulness begins to dance. At each event there will be intuitive painting with BOLD colors and daring demos. There will be chocolate. There will be Red Thread. 

tea-with-the-midnight-museThere will be teaching on how to MOVE your energy from the stuck places. There will be poetry read from Shiloh’s new book, released in February 2017, Tea with the Midnight Muse. There will be INTENTION setting so powerful that you will gain a new sense of how to ACCESS your creative fire when you need it. No experience needed. Really. You got this and it is time to play!

Come paint, play, dance and express your wild side!
Treat yourself through allowing a day to be ALL about you. Light the end of your paintbrush with your creative fire! HOT!
Watercolor paper + acrylic paint & sharpies & Glitter provided. BYOB – Bring your own brushes (or borrow ours)! Coffee, tea, chocolate & snacks provided. Bring a sack lunch.

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Read more about our International Guild of Intentional Creativity Muse Day Teachers here.

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