Art & Painting Classes

“Thank you! I LOVED it. I was unable to share, because it left me speechless…. I am still in awe at what that class did for me. Thanks so much!” ~D.A.

“Very uplifting and inspiring!” ~C.T.

You are such an inspiration! I had the best time at the Red Thread Intentional Creativity Group tonight! …Check it out! You’ll be glad you did!” ~S.T.

“Hi Hobby… I have been wanting to thank you for the beautiful ritual/ceremony that you and M.A. put together for the graduates who couldn’t travel. I had been planning to attend online and the last minute wasn’t able to…but watching it later, was so touched by it and all you two did to make it special. I also wanted to mention that I couldn’t take my eyes off your face…it was such a beautiful, alive, authentic expression of love–love and light just poured out of you! Perhaps you’ve heard this before (or not), but either way I wanted to mention it to you…your obvious love and light are a true power and balm in this world. Hope I get the chance to meet you some day… perhaps our paths will cross again. Thank you again for all you did for our class!” ~M.O.S.

“I enjoyed the intro to the Intentional Creativity class with Hobby which she gave me in the short time I as able to attend. The concept and the way she presented it resonated with me. Hobby has a lovely, quieting yet strong way about her and I love her passion and devotion to this kind of healing, self-exploratory, mindful work for women. Thank you!”  ~H.A.P

“The class, I thought, was a great experience because one could take the time to relax and focus on one’s Muse… and simply the energy around you and within, which is important. There was also the technical aspect to the painting, new methods were taught that were useful in making a piece that translated well with the Inner Goddess.”  ~E.M.

“Lovely class! Got me into painting again and awakened the creative side of me.”  ~A.Z.

Creative Coaching – “Lunches with Hobby”

“My Lunch with Hobby almost brought me to my knees.  With Hobby’s ability to cut to the quick and help me get past my own obstacles and limitations in my thinking, I felt releases and inspiration that coursed through my body.  I can see my dream now as though I am already living it. As I walked through town, I felt an even more empowered strength and supportive love.  Hobby listens, honors and is so skilled at helping me and others get past the fear that is so sneakily lurking in the corners of my brain.  As a result of my Lunch with Hobby, I can see, feel and hear how to walk towards my goal as a consultant to spas to enhance their therapists’ abilities to better help clients heal with connection, knowledge and an expanded heart.  Thank you Hobby…and I’ll keep thanking you.”  ~M.P.

“Hobby is a great listener and has an uncanny ability read people – it is almost as if she has some extra sense of perception.  Her life experience and awareness coupled with her skills in neurolinguistics and self image consulting helps me identify issues and self imposed barriers, which have enabled me to plan outcomes that are more consistent with my desires.”  ~C.K.

“Rare is the person who can talk the talk AND walk the walk.  Hobby is just that person.  She is beautiful and radiates an energy that is infectious.  I shared a simple idea that I had with Hobby and before I knew it, she had taken that idea and run with it in directions I had yet to consider.  What was a fleeting thought now has become a viable business idea.  As I continue to move in the direction of making my ‘idea’ a reality, I will continue to use Hobby for guidance, support, and encouragement.  Having Lunch with Hobby may be the best meal you have all year.”

“I enjoy my friendship and the Lunches I have with Hobby.  It is apparent that Hobby’s life has filled her with a desire to share her wealth of enthusiasm and encouragement.  She enjoys being generous with her knowledge, enjoys laughing, is thoughtful and does not hold back but reaches deep within her lessons learned and offers her wisdom to others.  There is no reason to learn every lesson the hard way and it makes sense to plan your trips with someone who has traveled the road before you to help avoid some pitfalls.  It takes at least two people to play catch or brain storm, so if you need to toss an idea around with someone, network or to see if anyone has been around the corner that you are approaching, have Lunch with Hobby -she always throws the ball back.”  ~B.W.