Upcoming Artist Salon Inspired Life Series!

I am excited to share The Inspired Life of the Artist Salon series Cynthia Harrison is hosting. One of the speakers is… you guessed it, ME!
Can’t wait to share this container of knowledge with you, and I am so pleased to introduce this series of conversations with Artists and Creatives from around the world as we share what inspires us.
Journey with me and my fellow creatives and visionary leaders here:  The Inspired Life Series
This series takes a glimpse into the Artists’ world and shares wisdom, demonstrations, techniques, and gives access into their inspiring worlds.
We discover and bridge the arts that help our state of regulation and alignment of our minds, body’s and our soul. A whole body approach to wellness and inspired evolution!
You’ll have the opportunity to tap into this amazing group of speakers knowledge and experience and receive bonus free tools and techniques you can use instantly.
Cynthia has prepared a process to demonstrate Intentional Creativity® within the process of bringing together teachers and coaches of the Intentional Creativity Method.
A large canvas to map our journey via co-creation with participants, Yes You! There will be a weekly experiential demonstration and a weekly inquiry you can do on your own in a journal or own canvas.
You will be invited to share what you wish via the Face Book Page where Cynthia will add to the canvas your colours, symbols or a quote you found enlightening from the week. This is optional, how much or how little you participate is up to each person.
You can just enjoy watching a new Inspirational Artist, as if you were attending The Artist Salon weekly.
So what are you waiting for? Say yes, and join us now. Just click the link right here at The Artist Salon.
inspired life artist salon movie

Coming Soon! The Inspired Life of the Artist Salon Movie


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